Monday, October 18, 2010

Two down eight more to go.....

Today, is the second day of my end term examination.....haiz haiz.....Friday was my Accounts paper an god it was hell. My first question didn't balance and I didn't have much confidence with the remaining questions. That's paper II. Paper one was a serious joke, upon seeing the first question I was relieved, but the next 9 questions...I left it blank. Well back to today's paper, I only knew paper one was karangan 10 minutes before the god damn paper! I freaked out! The questions were not bad but still there's always that slight feeling of anxiety when you're doing your papers. After recess was paper II. By and far the paper was okay I would say. I could do the ringkasan, wrapped it up in only 114 words^^, pemahaman umum wasn't bad....Sadly I couldn't answer all the 'apakah maksud rangkaian kata' questions. I think we were lucky with the set of words given in at the bina ayat section. It was known words and pretty straight forward. The simpulan bahasa part was a joke.... I wrote the similar answer for the first and second question and they're probably wrong~ I'm confident my last answer is right ! BERDIRI SAMA TINGGI, DUDUK SAMA RENDAH!! The novel was shitty....why? I forgot about it....totally....had no time to revise. I just hope I can muster out an A.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I can't even express a modicum of my feelings to you...

On the long, sleepless nights, the feelings I send you whisper "that is love"
continuously shaking speech that moves you to tears changes into a slight fever mingled with a sigh

Give me a smile and shiny days,
by your smile I can withstand the cold of a frozen night,

Whoever you love, your feelings reaches them right?
Don't say I'll be fine, your words are dancing in space
The further apart you go, the more I chase you
The more my heart feels the cruel distance

Even if my love reaches the breaking point, 1/3 of it won't reach
My true feelings are just spinning on air, my heart isn't even saying "I love you"

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Music brought sunshine to my life........

The very first instrument I've played is the Tabla. It's an Indian traditional instrument which is kinda like a drum, just that you have to use the palm of your hands instead of wooden sicks. My dad is a total expert in it, but My brothers and I just can seem 'to be one' with the drum like instrument. That was way back when I was a four year old kid. Then when I was nine, there was a rule at my school. All students must purchase a recorder and attend classes held at school. My first piece was 'Mary had a little lamb' a jolly song it was. For three years I was going strong with the recorder and stopped after that. It was as long as I could go, doing something that I didn't enjoy. For a period of time I never played anything, the now, after four years or so I suddenly have that urge to play an instrument. So I began to consider various instruments from the complex piano to a simple guitar and everything in between. Finally, I came to a conclusion, the harmonica. I googled basic info on the wind instrument and was thrilled. Then one day. I asked for a friends opinion, Shien Shin. Low Shien Shin is my classmate. A very jolly person. Fun to be with and she really know to make one smile or laugh out loud till you can cry. She told me to go on and give it a try. She even gave me a harmonica when i told her I wanted to try it out. It was a gorgeous 24 octave.....simply awesome. I'm still trying to get used to it, it's harder that I thought of it to be. I require more stamina, blowing power and drawing power. Thanks ss^^

Friday, October 8, 2010

When it rain it pours.....

When it rain it pours. It's an idiom which literally means, having bad luck in a row. I had a heavy cloud following me around today. It started of this morning. I slept at the wee hours yesterday, it was early morning to be precise, 3.15 a.m. Hence, i woke at 7.10 and was late for school. I had a quick shower, changed within a couple of minutes and chucked the necessary books into my black nike bag. It was 7.25 by then, I decided to have my breakfast as I was worried I would collapse anytime soon. It was the usual Jacob cracker and a cup of milked coffee. I burnt my tongue when I tried to wash down the coffee in a single gulp. It was so hot I could feel my chest become warm in an instant. I reached school at 7.40 and guess who had to be so very generous to welcome my? Mr. Lim Meng 'the main man' in our school. He gave me a piece of his mind, I just apologized and made my way to the chemistry lab where my class was stationed for the day.

School ended just like any other day. I walked back home with the company of my neighbor talking about tuition. Upon reaching home, I was pretty shocked to see the house in a mess. My mom looked at me straight in the eye and said,"go clean upstairs". I knew she was dead serious and didn't want any trouble so i just followed orders. I finished my chore and took a quick bath to wash off the stench of sweat from my body. Now, I was late for my BM tuition. Time was simply against me today. At tuition, Mr. Suguz had a bad sore throat, and I probably distracted his teaching since I was talking to my friend. He exploded, yelled at me and gave me a piece of his mind. I apologized but it was obvious it didn't make a modicum of difference.

Reaching home, I was half dead and god was I hungry! I opened the refrigerator took out two apples and a peach. I violently chowed them down. I almost choked. Later that night, I tried out the harmonica Shien Shin gave me, an awesome instrument!! After every blow and draw, I was out of breath..... I required more stamina. What's worse, I have to get up at 4 tomorrow morning to attend to a prayer ceremony at a temple in Ampang. Just hope there'll be some sunshine tomorrow.....

I wish I was a little more brave....

It's really funny. I'm such a joker, I can't stop laughing at myself. For the past few days, I've been staying up late. I would do my studies till 1 a.m., and then switch on to the internet. That all seems normal, no? Facebook and MSN. I enjoy the benefits and convenience both these social networking sites have to offer. But i realized, these two networks brings a lot of mental stress and emotional distress. I mean last night, I wanted a friend to go online. I kept on checking the 'friends online list' till it was past midnight, but to no avail. While waiting, I did my usual routine, read mangas, update my blog and played a few games of chess while listening to some good music. I'm sure you all know how you're notified when someone signs in at msn, there'll be an icon, right? When my friend signed in, and that icon popped at the bottom left corner of my computer screen, saying "....just signed in" my eyes lit up. I was jubilant. I quickly doubled clicked her name, opening a chat bow and readily set my fingers onto the alphabets on the keyboard. I stopped. I didn't know what to say. All that long hours waiting for her, now that's she's on, I didn't know how to engage a conversation. I lightly slapped my cheek and laughed at my pathetic situation. I just wish I was a little more brave....

Friday, October 1, 2010

Why can't people just stop being selfish?

It's a Friday today. Last night, a friend invited me for a jog and i agreed. But being me there was one problem. Approval from my parents. I was sick of being couped up in my own house, so I took the plunge this time. I lied to my mom. I told her that there wasn't school tomorrow but I had to go since I had Scouts meeting. She said fine. And so I went to bed that night guilty but excited. I woke up at the crack of dawn, brushed my teeth, took my shower, ate my breakfast with a plain white shirt on and my half wet towel wrapped around my waist. I had a cup of coffee and half a cracker. I walked to school with my brother and met Shien shin at the pentas out of school. She was wearing a black polo-T along with a pair of black shorts. The dark color of her attire complemented the color of her skin as she was reading a book. We talked a bit, and waited for the rest of the gang. When Wei See, Kok Hong and another dude who's name i don;t know came we left. We walked to FRIM, then was stopped at the entrance counter. We were asked to pay RM 1.00 as entrance fee. I don't know about the others but I sulked.....I honestly didn't want to pay, but had to. Then we continued. It was a nice slow nature walk. I felt like the burdens on my shoulders were slowly disappearing. It was really peaceful. Until Wei See started to pick us the pace, she started jogging, and the rest of us played 'follow the leader'. We jogged till the junction and took a right turn to head to the waterfall. We didn't go all the way. I was a little disappointed, Kok Hong asked if I wanted to go to the tennis court and I said yes without much thought. We were amateurs playing tennis. While the boys were playing I chatted with Shien Shin. It was the first time I saw her talk to me like that. She was emotionally hurt and I could do nothing. I felt angry. At my helplessness and the person who caused her this pain. MY question is why do people have to be selfish? If the person you love already has someone else, just be happy for them and live with it instead of hurting them. Just because you love A and A loves B, it doesn't mean you should hate or be mad at B. B loves A for the same reason you do.