Friday, October 8, 2010

When it rain it pours.....

When it rain it pours. It's an idiom which literally means, having bad luck in a row. I had a heavy cloud following me around today. It started of this morning. I slept at the wee hours yesterday, it was early morning to be precise, 3.15 a.m. Hence, i woke at 7.10 and was late for school. I had a quick shower, changed within a couple of minutes and chucked the necessary books into my black nike bag. It was 7.25 by then, I decided to have my breakfast as I was worried I would collapse anytime soon. It was the usual Jacob cracker and a cup of milked coffee. I burnt my tongue when I tried to wash down the coffee in a single gulp. It was so hot I could feel my chest become warm in an instant. I reached school at 7.40 and guess who had to be so very generous to welcome my? Mr. Lim Meng 'the main man' in our school. He gave me a piece of his mind, I just apologized and made my way to the chemistry lab where my class was stationed for the day.

School ended just like any other day. I walked back home with the company of my neighbor talking about tuition. Upon reaching home, I was pretty shocked to see the house in a mess. My mom looked at me straight in the eye and said,"go clean upstairs". I knew she was dead serious and didn't want any trouble so i just followed orders. I finished my chore and took a quick bath to wash off the stench of sweat from my body. Now, I was late for my BM tuition. Time was simply against me today. At tuition, Mr. Suguz had a bad sore throat, and I probably distracted his teaching since I was talking to my friend. He exploded, yelled at me and gave me a piece of his mind. I apologized but it was obvious it didn't make a modicum of difference.

Reaching home, I was half dead and god was I hungry! I opened the refrigerator took out two apples and a peach. I violently chowed them down. I almost choked. Later that night, I tried out the harmonica Shien Shin gave me, an awesome instrument!! After every blow and draw, I was out of breath..... I required more stamina. What's worse, I have to get up at 4 tomorrow morning to attend to a prayer ceremony at a temple in Ampang. Just hope there'll be some sunshine tomorrow.....

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