Saturday, October 9, 2010

Music brought sunshine to my life........

The very first instrument I've played is the Tabla. It's an Indian traditional instrument which is kinda like a drum, just that you have to use the palm of your hands instead of wooden sicks. My dad is a total expert in it, but My brothers and I just can seem 'to be one' with the drum like instrument. That was way back when I was a four year old kid. Then when I was nine, there was a rule at my school. All students must purchase a recorder and attend classes held at school. My first piece was 'Mary had a little lamb' a jolly song it was. For three years I was going strong with the recorder and stopped after that. It was as long as I could go, doing something that I didn't enjoy. For a period of time I never played anything, the now, after four years or so I suddenly have that urge to play an instrument. So I began to consider various instruments from the complex piano to a simple guitar and everything in between. Finally, I came to a conclusion, the harmonica. I googled basic info on the wind instrument and was thrilled. Then one day. I asked for a friends opinion, Shien Shin. Low Shien Shin is my classmate. A very jolly person. Fun to be with and she really know to make one smile or laugh out loud till you can cry. She told me to go on and give it a try. She even gave me a harmonica when i told her I wanted to try it out. It was a gorgeous 24 octave.....simply awesome. I'm still trying to get used to it, it's harder that I thought of it to be. I require more stamina, blowing power and drawing power. Thanks ss^^

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