Monday, October 18, 2010

Two down eight more to go.....

Today, is the second day of my end term examination.....haiz haiz.....Friday was my Accounts paper an god it was hell. My first question didn't balance and I didn't have much confidence with the remaining questions. That's paper II. Paper one was a serious joke, upon seeing the first question I was relieved, but the next 9 questions...I left it blank. Well back to today's paper, I only knew paper one was karangan 10 minutes before the god damn paper! I freaked out! The questions were not bad but still there's always that slight feeling of anxiety when you're doing your papers. After recess was paper II. By and far the paper was okay I would say. I could do the ringkasan, wrapped it up in only 114 words^^, pemahaman umum wasn't bad....Sadly I couldn't answer all the 'apakah maksud rangkaian kata' questions. I think we were lucky with the set of words given in at the bina ayat section. It was known words and pretty straight forward. The simpulan bahasa part was a joke.... I wrote the similar answer for the first and second question and they're probably wrong~ I'm confident my last answer is right ! BERDIRI SAMA TINGGI, DUDUK SAMA RENDAH!! The novel was shitty....why? I forgot about it....totally....had no time to revise. I just hope I can muster out an A.

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