Thursday, June 9, 2011

my dear whisperer....

I felt a sudden chill rush upwards from my toes. As I slowly opened my eyes a bright surge of white light shone into my eyes. My eyes felt a faint burning sensation. Quickly, I closed my already squinted eyes and pulled my thick comforter up over my head covering my face. I refused to get up and repeat my dog's life like mundane lifestyle. As I was settling back into my illusory dreams, someone yanked my soft comforter away from the end where it covered my legs. I could guess it was you who was culpable of it.

The faint aroma of freshly brewed coffee made it's way from the kitchen to our bedroom. Stimulating my olfactory nerves. I was somehow enchanted by it. Then, the right side of my bed slowly sunk in as you sat next to me bearing the scent of Shokubutsu shampoo. You held me by my neck gently, as if if you'd apply even a modicum more of pressure my neck would've snapped. As you moved closer and kissed my forehead, I ran my fingers through your wet hair entangling them at your curls. I opened my eyes, wanting to see you. You gave out a bright smile. So very alluring....I arched forward towards your lips. You had other plans, no? You foiled my futile attempt to steal a kiss and whispered something in my ear.

Arising a hint of frustration. I was curious. I held your wrist and stared into your blue eyes. Confused. Lost. Somewhat like a child who had lost his mother. You got up, messed up my coal black bed hair and gave me another smile. This time filled with mischievousness before leaving the room. I pushed myself up and sat at the edge of my bed, wondering what you might have said to me. I felt like an ignoramus fool. I laughed at myself. You could have even screamed at me and I wouldn't be able to tell. I'm hopelessly pathetic. I lost my hearing on account of an accident a couple of years ago.

I was devastated then, it felt as if the entire world was out of balance. I was afraid that I would drown due to my helplessness. To be exact, I was at the brink of insanity. It was then, when you conceived this 'thing' between us. Every morning you'd whisper something to me for me and I had to figure it out. I have to confess, at times you made me feel as if I could really hear. The first words you whispered to me are embedded into my memories. Even now tears well up at the corner of my eyes reminiscing about that day. Those were the words that crushed my self-centered egoistic pride. It dawned upon me then, I wasn't alone..... I had you

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