Sunday, June 5, 2011

what's right and what's not?

Was fucking bored over the holidays, don't know what to blog about....this is just some random crap. Feel free to comment though =)

Is it normal for a person to kill another or for a man to rape a woman? Maybe. Situation and condition being the culpable factors. But, what about those maniacs who are serial killers and rapists. Monsters whom commit their egregious 'hobbies'? The answer is explicit. No. Now where does the burden of blame lie then? It's genetics, these people were born as monsters hence are they way they are. So it's only normal for society to have a strong sense of resentment towards this species of beings.

What about people with abnormal sexualities then? These individuals haven't done much atrocities...compared to psychopaths. However, they ain't normal and again genetics are the main causal agent. Whether it's right or wrong is a different question, is it of societies norm? No. Hence, without a shred of doubt there will be eyes that look down upon them, fingers pointed at them as if there's a target behind their back and whispers conceive about and around them.

"Humans are afraid of something which is different" is a quote from some movie. It's true. People are fragile. I was once an ignorant and fragile person whom was afraid of these abnormalities. My fear evolved into hate. As I grew older, I began realizing that these people didn't choose to become what they are. They were born that way. I would say they're 'crippled' hormone wise. Make no mistake, they aren't sick. They can't prescribe medication. Hence, are irremediable.

I often times witness first-hand people beleaguer the people of these kinds. It's burdens me to think that these innocent people are victims, chained down to verbal, mental and sometimes even physical abuse. A faint sense of guilt due to my helplessness often time arises. I'm no hero. I don't possess the bravery to do so either. All I can do is watch from afar, whispering to myself...,"I know what it feels like".


  1. No offense, but your blog is getting darker, emo-er and suicidal each time you post. I have nothing to say

  2. woi, it's not like i said i wanted to jump of a building...

  3. People are different. Nobody is perfect. It's become absolutely normal to point fingers at people who are different so they feel a little bit better about themselves. It's called life. But really, that doesn't mean gays or whatever should hide in a hole forever.