Saturday, June 18, 2011

32/35 directed writing ^^

A very good morning, I bid to Mr. Abdul Aziz our English teacher, my fellow friends and classmates. Here I am again, to present a talk on a topic that's so very common amongst us. You see, our dear English sir has given me the honour to enlighten you on how our Malaysian government hopes to encourage students to have a healthy lifestyle. I do hope that after my speech, you, my fellow friends do gain something beneficial and change for the better.

The effects of not practicing a healthy lifestyle are explicit. We technically become the 'home' for all sorts of diseases, from diabetes and obesity to heart attacks and high blood pressure. The saying 'you are what you eat' is very true. We students, spends half of our time at school. Some of us even rush to school with our bed hair without a bite to eat at home. Hence, we tend to 'compensate' the hunger with a larger portion of late breakfast at school. However, is that meal good for us? If is not, why so? Food quality perhaps?

Young sirs and madams,
Our magnificent government has taken notice of such scenarios as I've mentioned. They hope for the people's best, our best. The food sold at the school canteens are without a shred of doubt delicious. But, everything comes with a price. French fries, 'roti canai', burgers, fizzy drinks and other fast foods aren't healthy at the least. Yet we love them, there's no stopping us from getting what we want, right? Hence, the government has announced a few simple yet affective mechanisms to put a halt to the selling of these unhealthy delicacies. For instance, unhealthy food should not be allowed to be sold in school canteens and unhealthy drinks will be banned in school canteens. In line with that, even hawkers are not allowed to sell junk food and tidbits outside the school grounds. What do we eat then, baked beans? Be patient.

Now, with all the food with high contents of cholesterol and sugar gone, part of our problem is solved. It's a sad fact that schools these days are focusing on one thing only. Educational excellence. That isn't right. The government hopes for schools to organize programmes on exercise. Students should be encouraged to participate in active co-curriculum and aggressive sports. 'A healthy body homes a healthy mind'. Students should also be taught on healthy eating habits. It doesn't stop there. The school should work hand in hand with the Parents Teachers Association and work out a healthy diet menu for the students. Instead of selling 'nasi lemak', provide plain rice, steamed fish and vegetables. Take out Coca-cola, substitute them with low-fat yogurts. 'Roti canai' to the dust bin and welcome the Cheerios! It's a misconception that healthy food aren't a treat for your taste buds.

Boys and girls,
Did you know that the government is actually purple with rage at our parents? It's a known fact that contemporary parents are living a dog's life in this materialistic world. They can't even spend a modicum of their time with us. The government, ushers parents to monitor their children's weight. Make sure, they are at the pink of health. Take us to annual health check-ups and bi-annual visits to the dentist. 'Prevention is better than cure'.

That's all the hopes and wishes of our government to encourage us in leading a good lifestyle. But, I'm not finished. I want to blame someone. Myself. Come on guys, if we don't look after ourselves, who will? We are all young adults, we should read more. Magazines such as the 'Reader's Digest' and 'Biolife' constantly highlight issues on leading a healthy lifestyle. We're so absorbed into the internet. Why not one day, while you're updating your 'facebook' status, open up another tab and browse the web on a list of exercises maybe? Nothing is impossible! If you have the willpower you can do anything!

Before I step down, I wish for all of you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Do it right! Start now! On behalf of our government I bid 1 Malaysia: People First, Achievements Prioritized!

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