Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My innocent tongue...

Thursdays and Fridays are officially my revered day. Simply because I get to see you. Yet again last Friday, I managed to conceive and string in another bead with you imprinted onto it in my chain of memories.

I'm simply turn into a six year old when your around. Thinking like one. Acting like one...gosh. Well as usual after CAE, I rushed out to line up in front of room no. 4, right behind the counter. JACKPOT!! You were there in your red t-shirt and beige shorts. The best part was no one was at the back of you. My legs were so fast to you, I pulled on a cool face. I smiled ear to ear. I saw my goofy classmate at the far front, so close to the door almost kissing it. I called out to him on purpose and engaged a conversation. Then, his girlfriend joined us. I cracked a joke with them for you, indirectly though. You understood. I presume. You smiled over the edge. I kept fidgeting, while doing so, spotted an old friend that happen to attend the similar secondary school as you. I offered for her to stand in line next to me.

You see, the tuition I go to, at the far left of the counter there are a few tables. There were stacks of books and a whole lot of tidbits. I was standing next to a table with loads of food. There was a small tupperware with some nuts in them. " That's the nuts you liked in the barli soup the other day!" Shien Shin called out to me. Honestly, those nuts were heavenly. I went on saying mischievously ,"oh...should I take one?". Instantly, one of my friends dared for me to take one. I was in two minds, whether to do it or not. I mean, if I got caught, I would me in so much trouble. On the other hand, you were right in front of me, I can't possibly chicken out.

After throwing much tantrum, I mustered the courage to take of the lid and throw one of the nuts into my mouth. I pushed the nut into the space between my teeth at my right jaw and gave it a crush. "WAIT!! IT'S BITTER!!", Shien shin pointed out to me. It was too late, the juice from the seed already spread onto my innocent tongue. God it killed me! It was disgusting. Worse than any medicine I've been prescribed to. My act of bravado to impress you was foiled, instead I amused you.

However, it wasn't a waste. You laughed. That alone was enough to cure me.

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