Saturday, May 14, 2011


I'm starting to realize what a fool I've been. I can't blame anyone for the chimera I seem to be. It's stupid isn't it? A few days ago I felt something different, like I left something behind. I paid no heed though, convinced myself that it was my brain malfunctioning due to exam stress. It only dawned upon me when I was checking the inbox of my broken black N70. There it was, your sole message that I've kept for about a month now. You haven't crossed my mind in a while. I knew it was a momentary 'thing'. Not thinking of you or whining about you. But it wasn't.

You didn't reply, I didn't care. You passed by, I felt nothing. You spoke, I didn't waver. You weren't my kryptonite no more.
I did graduate from you, but went on with someone else......loving you was painful, I don't think I've ever fallen so hard for anyone. I promise to bury these feelings within me. Now on, you're nothing more than just a friend.

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